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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Richish but more for the Rich than anything else.

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Well best laid plans etc. Apparently taking a hire car from the relatively safe Costa Rica to the comparatively less so nicaragua is not an option. Well we turned up at the border and got dk'd. Not a problem though. We decided to explore off the beaten track. Ended up down a dirt road (although that is not much of a suprise) and got to this place...


That is Jeremiah. From the states and a top quality bloke. Geev met him while I struggled to get down here and we have been hitching a ride in his hire car ever since. Most fun. Driving can be somewhat interesting though. You may have trouble imagining but I have some footage.

If that works I'll eat my sombrero.

Went kayaking, Jeremiah saw a turtle swimming around, and ended up on an island that is a bird sanctuary. Very nice all round. Jump high-fives etc. This brings me to an interesting point. Costa Rica is lauded for having a proactive stance towards nature reserves, protecting wildlife and generally leading the way in preserving the beauty of central america. However, sticking eco in front of something does not necessarily make it better for the local ecosystem. The ecoGolf for example. EcoPlaya hotel. Ecotours offering all terrain vehicle jaunts around the local nature reserve, the list is just endless. So the net addition of all of this eco stuff is that when we arrived in Tamarindo (aka Tamagringo) there was an article in the newspaper saying that so much neat sewage had been dumped in the sea that you had a pretty decent chance of getting ecoli - or ecoecoli I suppose in this case. The good news is that they are planning a new water treatment plan - well new in the sense that they don't have one currently - the bad news being that they are building hotels as if the entire USA is going to move down here. Which they may - they should notice little actual difference apart from the smell of shit from the beach and potentially there are more drug dealers here - although it may depend upon from whence you originally hail.

Talking of things eco we went to see a turtle lay some eggs on a beach last night. All red lights and respectful distances etc but it was really cool. The turtle / leatherback / was about 300 kilos apparently and laid about 85 eggs. 50% hatch. Of the total there is a 1% chance of growing to adulthood. So a 0.85% chance of any of said eggs making it. It was pretty awe inspiring stuff. Talking of which have a gander at that.


Excellent I think you will agree. All told Costa Rica lacks culture from north to south as far as I can see. Unless culture is hookers and crack. I think not.

Talking of drugs. In Tamarindo there are currently more people offering weed and coke than there are potential customers. An average night out for dinner and a couple of beers will see you approached by 8-10 dealers at least. Those choosing to get high from own supply generally come up every five minutes. Should you not wish to buy drugs then they can also offer girls - and one random dude who looked a little worse for wear offered us "chilled rooms" although as he slurred his words I was a little confused. We drove off at speed.


Went to see a volcano. Its behind the trees in this particular shot but I looked tanned and relatively skinny so I chose this picture instead of the decent one. Very active. Smoke etc. Grumbling etc. Whatever etc.

And just to show you how well we are blending in with the locals. Please see below.


Oh yeah. Geev pictured above. He gets more coverage in the next installment which will be hosted from Nicaragua. Bus all the way there. Most cool. Happy trails Miah. See you in Vegas or Reno sometime next year.

Hope everyone is fine and dandy. Take care all. But not too much. Everything in moderation.

Live long and prosper.

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