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Northern Argentina and Paraguay (ickle bit of Brasil too)

I got countries for Christmas - what did you get?

sunny 50 °C

Moved from Calafate to BA by plane. Some of the stretches of road down here are lengthy to say the least. It was fly or take the bus for 2 days straight. As much as that would have been fun I was a little pressed for time and jumped the plane. BA has been covered in one of the earleier posts and I shall not say a great deal more about it. Meat amazing. Nightlife excellent. Worth a stop on anyones itinerary. Tango for my money is highly overated but I lack culture to an almost dizzying degree so you can make up your own minds on that. Its all just a bit crap as far as I can see but I'll leave it there. Dulce de leche however really is manna from heaven. Sort of caramel stuff made from condensed milk. The previously svelte version of Liddington was swiflty being replaced by the more well known porky version so I needed to move on. Thanks to Gustavo for showing us around. Always adds value to have a local looking after.

Fely flew in from Switzerland and we met up in BA but after some much needed shopping on my part and excessive steak eating we swiftly headed to Mendoza. Now if you plan to eat and drink in Argentina then this may be the place for you. Certainly was for us. At the steepe of the Andes on a plateau of red earth where most things grow but where grapes for wine are mostly grown. Stunning place to visit.


From Mendoza it is a hop skip and a 16 hour bus ride to Salta. Quite amazing scenery and we managed to go parapenting on the 27th.


Video etc at some point but it was breathtaking. I landed like a bag of potatoes and Felicia like a pro. I am significantly heavier though. Super bunch of people took us there and back and no-one died - although one girl on the trip did puke all over the pilot sitting behind her. Motion sickness apparently. No picture of that unfortunately.

Salta itself is nice enough. Not worth staying for more than a few days but get out into the mountains and check out some of the scenery. It is quite impressive.


Whirlwind xmas and new years tour then hit Resistencia for an hour (no photo evidence) at 4am getting a bus to Clorinda in order to get to Paraguay and catch up with a friend from Switzerland. Carlito is from Ascunsion and has been taking us around and showing us the sights. Family has also been most welcoming. Enormous amounts of meat once more and a general holiday spirit that may have occured anyway but was much appreciated by myself and Fely. Papa Carlito and I shared very little in terms of language but a general appreciation of all things barbecued and a refreshing brahma once every now and then got us through. As such thanks to Caros and family. Photo of Carlos checking out his new car. Tuning very big in Paraguay although Carlos asked me not to tell the boys back in Geneva. As such, lips sealed.



Went to Brasil for a day to see the Iguazu falls. Shared between Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay although sharing in terms of Paraguay would seem to mean having a border close to it but no more than that. Falls are cool though.


Apparently the border we crossed at Clorinda into Paraguay used to have an enormous river going through it. Some previous encumbent of the presidential office had "sold" the river to Argentina some years ago. River was diverted and as such the Paraguayan side of Chaco (region of flatlands covering Paraguay and Argentinga at the border) is a little drier than before and the Argentinian side somewhat more verdant. Such stories abound and are generally met with chuckles by the Paraguayanos and a cheeky look in their eye as if some little tyke has just stolen a cake from the larder. System seems to have found some status quo though as the ruling party has been in for 50 years apparently. Good for them. General kidnapping has dropped off a great deal should that have bothered you.

Went fishing with Carlito. We caught Piranha which Carlito's uncle described as "grande". He then ripped off its lower jaw with some pliers. Apparently he had an unfortunate incident with one as a child. He rather seemed to enjoy it. Had Dorade for dinner.


Hit the beach. Zyes, Paraguay is landlocked but they do have some rivers not yet sold off to local neighbours. Very nice place to hang out. Stopped by the cops on the way back. Would definitely seem to be more important to know the right people rather than necessarily be in the right over here. I know people who know people apparently. No stopping me now. We then headed off into the sunset. Paraguay is beautiful. It is also an enormous lot of fun. Not the crash helmet wearing or seatbelt enforcing sort of fun but a serious giggle nonetheless. Would upload video of me driving the car around a muddy field with people hanging out the roof while I swig a beer but a) that sort of thing looks bad when not in its culutral context and b) my camera has decided to record in some weird video format that refuses to be uploaded to websites. Will take care of that in due course. As such, me heading off into sunset. Again.


Rio next for, well, a brazilian I suppose and the annual cultural donning of the budgie smugglers. Good for me. Hope things good for you too. Fely back off to Schweiz on Thursday. Safe trip chica. Thanks for travelling with. Hope it wasnt too disorganised for you.

In other news congrats to Lee and Serena for getting engaged. About time really but very happy for you both. Lee has asked me to be his best man for the occasion. Most honoured. Brave man.

Take care. Will send you some beach pics from Brasil.

Ciao. Lid

p.s. for info Paraguay is toasty warm this time of year.

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