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no time to post. but you should remember.


Hope Xmas was cool. Have a great New Year. Argentina made me most welcome. Predominantly by killing about 20 cows to feed me. In Paraguay now and just about to head out for New Years. May yours be fantastic. Have a good, no, great 2008. See you around and about. Your man in the field.


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Wedding Bells

The Happy Couple

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Myself, Tommy Rocks, Kimber and Suarez had a fantastic time at the wedding - not sure my Spanish improved as the night wore on but people certainly seemed to find me more amusing as time passed.

Many thanks to the happy couple who have been wonderful throughout.

Off to Guatemala on Tuesday. Hope the rest of the world is doing ok without me. Cheers, Lid.


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Arrived in Argentina

And had an interesting first night

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First night here (wednesday) we were lucky enough to be invited to the stag for Christian in BA which involved eating huge amounts of cow prepared in a variety of fashions utilising all of the parts that only sausages normally reach. After a few drinks there we moved on to a bit of ritual hazing (christian partially stripped and forced to parade through a park where the local cross dressing members of the latenight service industry hang out). Tommy rocks and I thought this great fun until one of the stag party decided to have a fist fight with one of the local sex workers. All fun and games until one of the boys is being beaten by a man dressed as a woman I hear you say. We ended up in a blokes car with the window smashed being chased down a street by 15 irate transvestites. One of them actually hit me with the windscreen wiper that she had recently liberated from the back of said car. If nothing previously had prepared me for what lay ahead during my months in south america then being chased down the street by a bunch of argentinian rugby players dressed in drag screaming and throwing empty bottles at us has certainly brought me up to speed.

Not sure that the rest of the blog will live up to the first entry - and hope not to be honest - but I'll let you know.

Below one of me having a last pint before leaving and one of abuide being "delivered" to the park. You couldn't make it up - and I am not talking about me having a pint.
Take care.



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