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October 2007

Rum, fun and baccy.

This island was once inhabited by 5,000 pirates.

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Morning. Sorry about the delay. Got to Honduras, hit the caribbean, had a rum and got into a hamaca and thats the last thing i remember really. Some weird sort of Black Hole I must have fallen into. In any case I turned up 4 days late to meet Geev but as the guy in the bank said to me, "if you can't do it today whats to say it really needs doing". Logic in there somewhere.

Firstly, one thing to clear up.


The Snipple. Lovely animal. Tasted a bit like Chicken.

I took my open water course and then decided to do the advanced. If I had time I would have stayed for the rescue diver etc etc etc. Time (although comparatively plentiful) ran out. Geev arrived in CR Friday and manfully made his way to the beach on the pacific.


Above please see the Dive team. Gerry, Rob, Jess, Gutti and Anna. I was taking the picture but I was really there. Super bunch. Liked a drink in the evenings. Probably due to Nitrogen narcosis or some such. Did you know that Oxygen becomes toxic at 58 metres under. Thought not. Although that calculation is assuming a partial pressure of 1.4 which is conservative and if you took 1.6 you could technically get down to 66m. Not sure why you would bother though.

In other news I saw a turtle while diving. Did a night dive and also rolled off the boat backwards a la James Bond. Although to be fair he didn't have to clear his nose of snot 3 or 4 times afterwards. Diving is kind of fun. It's weird when you first start to do it and then subsequently ranges from thrilling to boring. Some dives give you the opportunity to see the plethora of marine life in all of its glory. Others give you the opportunity to see what appears to be an underwater moonscape with one sad and confused lobster (caribbean speckled variety apparently) wondering where all his mates have gone and what the hell all these big lumbering fish with metal tanks on their backs are doing. In any case I am qualified now so all I have to do in future is turn up and throw myself off a boat. Easy.

To continue. Lots of rum availabale in the carib. Drinks are "expensive" compared to the rest of Honduras and "cheap as chips" compared to most places on earth. There has been a bit of traveller economising though and we found a supplier of beer for about 50 cents a bottle. This great opportunity to save money was met with much rejoicing and the traditional walk to the store with a wheelbarrow which was subsequently filled with beer. (Actually this American girl went by herself a couple of times and she was a trifle unusual all told).


I imagine most of you have been to the Caribbean so I will not bore you with too much of the details. General stories of people walking insanely slowly, banks having "system problems" from 11 to 3 every day and huge queues at other times. Having been there for almost 2 weeks the ATM was yet to issue a single note as I departed. Although it did say welcome each time I tried. Slow connection speeds (as such no photos uploaded there either) and rum, rum, rum. As you can probably guess, I liked it.


This is Avida on the left, Steveo in the middle and David on the right. I think I meant to upload a different photo but this is the one you got.


This was dinner one night. We were all a little suprised when a pig turned up at the dive centre but we all relaxed when the dude drove a 6 inch bolt into its head (which I didn't see) and then skinned and disembowled it (which I did). Fried pig skin - quite tasty.


This is Dallace and Kara who were making sure I was hydrated, didn't die diving or swimming and were often trying to get me to stop smoking. They were both very kind and we had a lot of fun - so thanks girls - see you around and aboot. Talking of which I was trying to upload a photo of the whole team out and about but seem to have cocked it up and cannot be bothered now. Oh well. You probably get the idea. If you want to dive go to Utila. If you do go to Underwater Vision. If you are there at night go to Tranquila and ask for Brooks and tell him I sent you. Snowballs chance in hell he remembers me but hes a very nice bloke so he should take care of you.

So its adios to the caribbean for the moment. Got a boat. Took a flight and now I am in Jaco. Bit of advice. If you like expensive drinks, lots of loud American toursts and are a sex tourist I highly recommend it. If no to any of the aforementioned do not come to Jaco. Its pretty terrible. We leave manana first thing. Roadtrip to Nicaragua. Most excellent. No map as yet but how hard can it be.

Smile and be happy. See you around.

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Bus, more bus and blunderbus(s).

Getting around takes some time and effort.

semi-overcast 30 °C
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4 am starts to get to the border before the rush. Madness at customs followed by manic drivers and blown engines. It was all good fun in reality and with no real plans for the rest of the day I went to see some historical type stuff. If I can get the photos to upload I can share some of the ancient temples with you. Ancient temples are most certainly amazingly and wonderously cool. And old too. Some of them are very, very, old. The History stuff associated is also most stimulating - the local Mayans had a king some time around 500bc called Smoke Monkey which is not to be trifled with. There is also a carving of 2 royal types sharing what appeared to be a bong. Ancient bong hits. Highly stimulating I think you will agree.

They do, however, look a little bit similar across the world. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is really strikingly like Copan in Honduras. I suppose that building materials were similar and that sun worship and smoking monkeys were all consistent parts of the world before "el senor" arrived but the similarities are still striking.The next thing you know they'll be saying that all the continents used to fit together to make it easier to get the builders onto site. I'm not having it though - aliens. Mark my words.

In other news, while I was feigning interest in said crumbling piles of rock (and dodging fat loud tourists), I discovered a new breed of squirrel. I believe that it is a cross with a small dog or potentially a large cat. I have called it a Snipple. I shall make up a latin name for it when I get a chance. I took a picture and as you see (or will be able to when I can upload it) it really is a new type of animal never recorded before. I am incredibly pleased to be able to continue the Great British tradition of documenting wildlife as I voyage HRH's green and pleasant world. I also tried to upload the video which captured the action which followed. In summary, I shot the Snipple (shotgun, 2 volleys, 12 yards, static beast) to prove I had seen it and was then forced to beat some locals with a large stick for being overly familiar and not standing while I sang the National Anthem. Send Her Victorious, I think you'll agree.

Anyway, talking of the Homeland reminds me of a necessary update. The weather - Honduras is incredibly hot and humid. I do not say this with any great suprise as I am close to the Equator and it is the end of the rainy season. However just so you get the idea the locals seem to walk no more than 50 metres prior to looking for a shady location to squat down. Hot. Moist. Any takers?

The bus to Ceiba and ferry to Utila are set for tomorrow morning at 6. The trip is supposed to be beautiful however if it was anything like today the combination of stunning countryside and the latest attempt on the "shitty old minibus going down a hill" speed record are set to make it a thoroughly interactive experience. Which is fortunately how I like my public transport. Will try to take a video of me throwing up out of the window.

Time is certainly flying. Left Argentina a month ago and am getting into the swing of things (not that sort...). Geev rocks up in Costa Rica in about 12 days so I need to think about heading further south a bit sharpish. Not too sharpish however, scuba and beach then some hard yards with a cold beer and more beach awaiting my arrival. Does anyone still read this? Not sure I would if I were sitting at your desk looking out that window..... although if you are then you should steal someones roll of scotch tape. You know you want to.

Meteor still en route. Make hay.
(Pictures) Later

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Leaving town and country.

And saying cheerio to Sasho.

sunny 23 °C
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Well Sasho arrived on the Friday and stayed here for a week. My degree of application to my Spanish studies dropped off a little and the evenings got a little bit later each night. San Pedro is pretty chilled (everything closes at 1 - technically) but you can still have a decent night of fun if you hit the town early enough. There are plenty of places to order a pancake and sit about for a couple of hours. Anyway I could go on but won't. Sasho will write something from San Diego should he make it home in one piece. Pictures etc below. Commentary to follow from the crazy bulgarian dude. (we actually shared a room on the last night - as he got up in the morning he mentioned that "if we had shared room in san pedro you would be dead" - sound more impressive with a bulgarian accent - apparently not a fan of snoring).


My Spanish teacher - although he looks like the dude from CHiPs.

Ben and Dee from El Barrio.


Crazy Italian dude Walter -


Who is quite crazy. The rest of the poker team refused to have their photos taken / which I thought a touch odd...

Sasho and I


And the man after 8 hours of torrential rain. He only brought a pair of sandals but did remarkably well considering.


And it rains a lot.


And just as a friendly reminder.


So I am off to Honduras and Sasho is off home to cure cancer in cali - good luck to him with that. Good to see you fella. Good times (if wet) all round. I didn't really see a lot of Guatemala - but I did have a very cool time all round. The people were kind and most amusing. Its pretty easy to fit into a place where no-one fits in. Another oddity added to the mix leaves the place no more or less balanced so it doesn't really matter. Thanks to them all - hope to see them again on the way back round. Cool lake by the way. Not sure I mentioned that.


Take care all - big meteor heading our way.

ps. apologies to JJ for incorrect spelling in previous blog. Will work on maintaining standards going forward.

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