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The old capital of Guatemala

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Hey - stopped off in Guatemala city for a nights sleep in what looked like a prison compound. Then took a bus to Antigua. Very cute town which is amazingly easy to get lost in due to the fact that the town council have limited the amount of streetlights and there are only roadsigns on the main square and major roads (of which there are few). Independance day was on the Saturday but after Friday's festivities I decided to head off to Atitlan. More about that in a moment.

Here is a picture of Anigua at night - figured I would get a little arty....


Also worth checking out is the following which was part of the pre-celebration celebrations.


The glockenspiel (a much underestimated instrument in my opinion) seems to maintain some of its appeal locally. Very cheerful stuff but limit yourselves to 15 minutes each exposure as it can become somewhat repetitive.

Also a local tradition worth checking out is the small children with whistles and TNT running through the streets blowing up stuff (and each other). Enormous explosions on each street corner followed by kids running past at high speed blowing whistles for all they are worth.


It may not be my type of party but when in Rome you have to get into the swing of things. So I went to the pub and had an early night.

Antigua is really nice town, lots and lots of churches, surrounded by volcanoes and the people (as they appear to be in all of Guatemala) are super friendly and alway smiling.

Recommended stopover should you ever get down this way.

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I only had the chance to experience the disfunctionable craziness of Guatamala City (on business) briefly once, but I understand that when the 'people' party in this beauiful (and dangerous) country, they make sre they have fun:
Not an expert on the seasonality of the local fauna, but I was told, (by happy wealthy locals - maybe hippes at heart ?), that Antigua has a very interesting and mood altering flower that when in bloom has a calming influence on inhabitants and visitors. The local trees, which produce the flowers, are all over the city. That said, I have also seen photos of the psitol-handled five-shot automatic shotgun carrying guards, (welcoming committee), outside the local bank branches.
Life is meant t be fun !! - As well as obligatoion - depending on your philosphy obviously.

by Just Tom

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