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not all fat tourists you know.

As it turns out I uploaded a lot more photos of mucking around on boats and looking at dragons than I thought. As such they bear no relevance to this blog but having waited for a n hour to upload them you are damn well going to look at them.


Now this may sound rich coming from bloke with a handle bar tash but you have to admit Geev looks very in touch with his feminine side in that last one. Almost disturbing but there will be no censorship here. Only the truth. And if I repeated some of those from previous then tough titty. In a rush and have a headache. Bit grumpy so don't start. Anyway to the meat.

Well after the explosion of weird and wonderful animal and marine life we flew back to Bali. The Island is pretty big and fiarly culturally diverse. Please avoid Kuta and Semanyek though. Good if you want to get hammered close to a beach with a lot of drunken white people but you can do that don the road and Indonesia is a 14 hour flight. Your call though.

Anyway, spoke to a few people and headed to Ubud. Its a beautiful village in the middle of the rice paddies that seems to cater for female shoppers. There must be 4 or 5 hundred clothes shops for women, spa treatments available every 20 yards. Weird place. Some local ojek driver took us on a tour of the nightlife. Not outstanding all told but we did end up at a knocking shop in the sticks. Most weird set up. Ditched. Being a sex tourist is such a cliche these days. The last thing you want is to get home and look through your snaps and realise you were sitting next to Gary Glitter for 4 hours in some seedy establishment. Fan of 'My Gang' or not. So, raise your arms to the skies and witness Ubud.


And its assorted temple action / which is significant.


And now I cant find all the pictures I am supposed to put on the blog. Gone they are. Pissed am I. Well sod it. Its not like you pay to see this stuff is it. I shall embrace the disaster and just put on what I can.


Random that.


Sod this I'm off.

Hope all is well - hopefully more organised effort to follow but I wouldn't bet on it.

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