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Kelowna and Calgary.

Oily rags and riches.

all seasons in one day 12 °C

Hello. How you? Have you ever noticed that as a town grows larger the less friendly it becomes. I was wondering whether it is because of the new inflow of johnny come latelys with a chip on their shoulder or the fact that the people who have been there a while doing not much are suddenly property millionaires. Bit of both I am sure.

Kelowna. Cute, small, fun. Went primarily to see Dallace and Kara.


Who took me winetasting, out on the town and also to a large and interesting big iron auction. First timer that I was I drank the free booze and tried to chat. Someone's Grandad took my hand and asked me if I was a nice guy. Didn't say anything smart as I was wondering why he would give a monkey's. Random. Bought a large yellow thing with lots of bells and whistles.


Was only scratching my ear at the time but auctions can be dangerous places for the itchy. All the stuff is being sold off dirt cheap though as the Pine Beetle has destroyed the quality of the timber in most of the trees. Needs winter cold spells of -40 for 48 hours to stop their spread and its been too warm. relative term I think you will agree.


Country band were most excellent. No clue myself but they hummed and they hawwed and they twanged sufficiently to make a show of it.


Jump high 5 and off on the road. Thanks for the kindness and entertainment D&K. Next time on another continent I imagine.

So Calgary. Oil boom and bust town for a while and now spreading daily. A few cowboy hats and a few flash cars but people are homely enough. Megan put me up for a few days, let me wash my clothes etc. Very kind. Megan and Heather told me the funniest story I heard during my travels and I have received a few free drinks as a result - as such Calgary - or bits of. If you want to hear the story then you'll be buying a round.


Went out to the Badlands as they are known. Quite scary all told.


A local site are the Hoodoos. Hard rocks laid upon softer sandstone and as the rain and wind wash away the softer stone they become, well, rather phallic piles of sediment.


Megan invited me along for her Birthday party with 6 girls. Sounded like a decent night out.


And it was too. This fella was clearly looking long term.


And he almost did. At least for the night.

Apologies for the brevity (not that I get a lot of feedback either way) but if I don't catch up fast I'll be back in a job before I get through with this damn infernal blogthing. Its becoming a monster - consider yourselves lucky you only have to look at the pictures.

Going to hold a .22 aloft in the street and see if I get arrested. One blog only from jail. Would call the folks but they are in the south of france apparently. Super.

Vancouver and Montreal to follow and wrap up. Not much further now. You may be tired but its always the last mile that is most rewarding. Not sure how I would be in a position to opine on such things but it sounded about right.

Oh, and start making sandbags. If the States is anything to go by the deluge has started already. May be worthwhile building a big boat and start collecting some local animals. You never know. Tough times may be ahead.

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