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O, Canada..... Eh? (West Coast so a bit more Hey? in fact)

Multi-lingual issues over devolution aside I arrived in the refreshingly chilly and wet middle-upper class section of North America. The US was fun but cannot see myself living there, outside of the usual metropoli. Canada on previous visits had been friendly, fun and engaging. This was however my first time to the West Coast. The 2 most Western territories in the South are Alberta (lots of oil - Albert if you are French speaking) and British Columbia (lots of flora and fauna and BC Bud from what they tell me). Nelson and the Kootenay lake to start, decided I should read Into the Wild while I was bussing around and aboot. Good call as it's a decent read but it does undermine your own wilderness exploits by comparison. That said, latte in hand, I followed some paths and tracks looking for no more than the eternal wanderer in me.


Last one was my favourite. Figured it must be the centre of the solar system so quaffed the rest of my frothy lactose enriched double shot and headed forth with reckless abandon. Found some animal tracks, recent, large, scary. Got lost. Cried. Had a sit down.


Gathered myself and sallied forth. Great story about a British Admiral in "Into the Wild" where the bloke feels that learning bushcraft was a waste of time and as such had over 300 men in his command die over the course of 2 missions. He was promoted the first time round (survival being a key qualification I presume) and died on the second attempt. Made a hero nonetheless. Story in that somewhere but I found it quite funny. Save the 300 dead of course.

More leisurely time spent the following day in Balfour and the North shore of the lake. Photographs for your squinting pleasure.

All quite breathtaking. Certainly on a pack a day and with aching limbs from the previous hike.

If you look at a map of Canada it is truly enormous. Second largest country in the world by all accounts. Bigger than China and the US. The fact that only 32 million or so live here is largely because the majority of the country is uninhabitable or as good as. Unless you are a lunatic. Some are. Well thats the wilderness shots done for a while. To follow are Kelowna, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal. City stuff.

Quick Hi to Andrew, Jess and friends who bbq'd some local specialities for me. Kebobs they call them. Most exotic they were too.


One local told me she didn't believe in global warming as she just didn't fancy the idea. Ignorance may well be bliss these days. Hope she sleeps well at night.



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never been to canada eh. looks nice eh. flew to alaska w no bags. bird was late for drop off. blamed me. it was cool tho. went to sequoia too. a deer wanted to fight for passage on trail. he won. i climbed rock. many bears. all sulking. nice place. talk soon. sasho- ur bestest commie friend eh.

by Sasho

sasho - you crazy commie fucker. see you friday, eh?

by lidster

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