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LA and San Fran

altogether a defining moment in any trip to Cali.

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So finished with the developing world and moved back to the land where freedom is delivered to your doorstep by homeland security using a helicopter. You will have some even if you don't like it. Not sure how free somewhere is if you can't drink a beer on the streets but who asked me...

Firstly the good news. This fella is in charge.


No girlyboy running this state thankyou very much.

Once again to introductions to kick off. Joining at this point are Christine and Martin.


Both Swiss passport holders and as such responsible for steadying the ship amid potential choppy waters ahead.

Firstly LA. All in all worth skipping. Following photos taken between sitting in a car for hours upon hours. One rule of thumb. If you live here, live close to work. Otherwise you will spend an awful lot of time looking at the back of the car in front. I don't like it so photos is all you get. Big trucks not a big deal here but the one below scared the shit out of me as I was trying to sleep in the passenger seat. Anyway, what chance do you have of saying anything worthwhile about a town where this is common practise.



So, onto happier climes. San fran. Very cool town. First impressions would be that a legion of crackheads have taken over the streets and that first impression, as scary as it may be, is completely correct. Hundreds of them, all over the place. The reason I was told is that San Fran is one of the most libeal places for them to hang out, they also receive food stamps and support and there are a large number of shelters. Combine that with the fact that the weather is tolerable for camping all year round and due to the fact that the city is more European than any other in California (i.e. tourists pass you by rather than having to go looking for them) it all adds up to a weird street scene. I have to say that although there are lots of them they must be the most politte set of crackheads I have ever seen. Rarely asking for money, selling drugs of course but not aggressive at all and seemingly just getting mashed up and hanging out. Lifestyle choice I suppose. But in San Fran pretty much anything goes. People are truly not bothered about how you dress, what you do (within some loose limits) or what people think of them while they are dancing like a lunatic dressed like a neurosurgeon. Cool place. Jeremiah re-joining the trip, earlier spotted on the blog driving the rental car through a swamp in Costa Rica, and very welcome he is too. Touristic stuff observed below:


So bridge, golden gate park, old houses (hoorah), another park all taken care of we ventured out into the night to see what trouble could be found.


I would agree that Jazz is not normally classified as `dangerous` per se but it was easier to put it all together and I am under a bit of time pressure as I am at an airport with a flight taking off in about 45 minutes. Whatever. More photos. Of trees, very large trees.


Which was a forest just outside of San Fran - sounded pretty poor but actually was quite cool. Memorial day Monday too so much hushed appreciation by all. Also went to Carnaval - no clue why it is in May but trust a Yank to pick the month that is most convenient rather than actually correct - and it was shit. So avoid that if you can.


So all in highly recommended. Good luck to Chris with the rest of her studies. A+ chica, la prochaine fois nous pouvons parler en anglais mais si t`as un accent Americaine.....ou si tu dis `frickin` you will be in trouble. As discussed its `f@#k you, you f@#king f*#k` in correct English. Besos. Miah, see you around buddy, glad we could catch up, oh, and skeet skeet. If you get my drift.

Martin and I head East next for tales of the desert and some town stuck in the middle of arid scrubland where fat people gather to throw money into machines in some sort of ritual sacrifice of their hard earned dollars to the Capitalist God `Lard`. Thats what it says in the book anyway. Sneak preview for you:


Really, do they have no shame.

Will let you know in a few days. Wish me luck. Skeet skeet y`all.

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