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tacos, amigos and quite a few gringos.

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So Cuba was an experience all of its own and I was fortunate to surround it with a squashy and slightly moist layer of the Yucatan. Home to, well, Americans mostly. Cancun you should know from Girls Gone Wild 17 but if you don't imagine drunk brits slapping it up in Spain but with a less expansive vocabulary and at significantly higher volume.

Anyone know where the Gringo thing comes from? I do. If you do not then I recommend you use Wikipedia to find out rather than hanging around hoping someone else will fill in the blanks for you. Honestly.

So Cancun. No idea. Didn't go. Next beach down is Playa Del Carmen. Stayed one night. Loads of dive shops and lots of skimpily clad boys and girls drinking too much.


I was the one crashed on the beach taking the picture. By now all of you know Al and Pat. Pat actually got arrested in Tulum for micturating on the street (would give you the wikipedia link just in case but looks like someone mis-spelt it... or I did). Photos of that do exist (the arrest not the watering of the sidewalk). In any case we should continue. I remember being a kid and my parents asking me: "would you jump off a bridge just because everyone else did?" well Mexico with Pat, Alex and myself was more a question of "where's the bridge".


Or "where's the dos equis factory", "where can we find a dude with the trolley", and "what do you mean someone's called the army?", but you get the underlying texture of the experience.

So what else did we do? Well. Some of this:


Although don't get the wrong idea from that. San Fran coming up in a few days for innuendo's of that nature. We then headed to the beach for some of this sort of thing.


Rented a car.


Which may not sound exciting but I destroyed my license by washing it the day before I left and Alex's had expired some time last year. Not a problem in Mexico though. Which was nice.


Checked out some ruins. Tulum for info.


If you look closely (and I know which ones of you will) you will be able to see not only some ancient Mayan monuments but also a french girl with her ya-ya's out. Bonus I think you will agree.


So that kind of wraps it up for Mexico. At least for now. Skip the trashy gringo-fied stuff and head to any place you see with plastic chairs and tacos for less than a dollar. Much nicer. Oh, and check out some of the beaches, not bad.


Thanks again to Pat and Al. See you both in the next couple of months. Take care of yourselves fellas. Be good.

And Al, when you can send me the photo of the 3 of us naked in the street except for sombrero's I'll post it. The world awaits. Probably quite afraid.....

Take care all. (Potentially) Fake tales of San Francisco to follow soon-ish.

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