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4 am starts to get to the border before the rush. Madness at customs followed by manic drivers and blown engines. It was all good fun in reality and with no real plans for the rest of the day I went to see some historical type stuff. If I can get the photos to upload I can share some of the ancient temples with you. Ancient temples are most certainly amazingly and wonderously cool. And old too. Some of them are very, very, old. The History stuff associated is also most stimulating - the local Mayans had a king some time around 500bc called Smoke Monkey which is not to be trifled with. There is also a carving of 2 royal types sharing what appeared to be a bong. Ancient bong hits. Highly stimulating I think you will agree.

They do, however, look a little bit similar across the world. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is really strikingly like Copan in Honduras. I suppose that building materials were similar and that sun worship and smoking monkeys were all consistent parts of the world before "el senor" arrived but the similarities are still striking.The next thing you know they'll be saying that all the continents used to fit together to make it easier to get the builders onto site. I'm not having it though - aliens. Mark my words.

In other news, while I was feigning interest in said crumbling piles of rock (and dodging fat loud tourists), I discovered a new breed of squirrel. I believe that it is a cross with a small dog or potentially a large cat. I have called it a Snipple. I shall make up a latin name for it when I get a chance. I took a picture and as you see (or will be able to when I can upload it) it really is a new type of animal never recorded before. I am incredibly pleased to be able to continue the Great British tradition of documenting wildlife as I voyage HRH's green and pleasant world. I also tried to upload the video which captured the action which followed. In summary, I shot the Snipple (shotgun, 2 volleys, 12 yards, static beast) to prove I had seen it and was then forced to beat some locals with a large stick for being overly familiar and not standing while I sang the National Anthem. Send Her Victorious, I think you'll agree.

Anyway, talking of the Homeland reminds me of a necessary update. The weather - Honduras is incredibly hot and humid. I do not say this with any great suprise as I am close to the Equator and it is the end of the rainy season. However just so you get the idea the locals seem to walk no more than 50 metres prior to looking for a shady location to squat down. Hot. Moist. Any takers?

The bus to Ceiba and ferry to Utila are set for tomorrow morning at 6. The trip is supposed to be beautiful however if it was anything like today the combination of stunning countryside and the latest attempt on the "shitty old minibus going down a hill" speed record are set to make it a thoroughly interactive experience. Which is fortunately how I like my public transport. Will try to take a video of me throwing up out of the window.

Time is certainly flying. Left Argentina a month ago and am getting into the swing of things (not that sort...). Geev rocks up in Costa Rica in about 12 days so I need to think about heading further south a bit sharpish. Not too sharpish however, scuba and beach then some hard yards with a cold beer and more beach awaiting my arrival. Does anyone still read this? Not sure I would if I were sitting at your desk looking out that window..... although if you are then you should steal someones roll of scotch tape. You know you want to.

Meteor still en route. Make hay.
(Pictures) Later

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Still reading your adventures...soon you should write some stuff in Spanish...to evaluate your progress.
Buses in that latitude not too fun, but take it as a experience. NASA astronauts are trained there.

by JordiAs

I'm still reading, if only to check you haven't ended up in a South American prison (as you predicted) tossing salad with a Colombian drug lord. I've already ordered 500 hundred yellow ribbons and made contact with the local MP just in case. Never harms to be prepared.

I thought you were supposed to be learning to surf. How's that going? Have you caught your first tube yet? (isn't that what surfers say? Keanu Reeves did in Point Break).

Regarding the snipple.. probably not a new type of animal. In fact you're probably quite familiar with it. It's usually on the menu as 'chicken'.

What are your chances of finding an English pub to watch the rugby World Cup final? If not English, surely there's an Irish bar nearby. There's one everywhere. I believe Carver will be watching in Sheridan's in Ho Chi Min City.

All the best mate.

by Rogclarke

Hi Mark,
We avidly read your blog, just to keep an eye on what you are up to!so that your Mum can worry and get a few grey hairs.
I am pleased your friends like Rogclarke have prepaired for the worst, hopefully your skills at ducking and diving will keep you out of trouble.
Katie sends her love, Clare keeps pointing to your photo and saying "Uncle Mark" most of the time she just laughs.
Keep up Blogging, enjoy yourself. love from us all.

by royelid

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